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- Owner & CTO at New York Consultant Group

- BBA from NYU Stern

- Video editor, director and producer

- Typing: 93 WPM with 95% accuracy

- Photographer & Photoshop guru

- Blogger

- Fashion designer

- Fitness aficionado

- Traveler

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Dre's Philosophy Corner!

"Everyone around me is successful, or will be."
"I believe people should stop trying to make good friends, and start being one themselves."
"I've noticed that the most successful people respect everyone, every job, & every role in society."
"The trick is to make tomorrow better than today without missing the awesomeness that's going on presently."
"Stop looking for the answers in external sources and start creating them from within yourself."
"No matter who you were, who you are, what you've done, or what you're currently doing, there's always going to be someone who looks up to and wants to emulate you."
"Too many people lose what they have by trying to hold on to what they had."
"If you haven't seen me in a while, you probably only know who I was, not who I am."


Meet the man behind the name.

Born in Manhattan, raised in the South Bronx, and currently residing in Manhattan, Dre (whose birth name is Andre Wilburn) is true New York City native. Growing up in the impoverished Morrisania section of The Bronx has equipped Dre an uncanny ability to make it against all odds.


Dre is an award winning, super ttalented entrepreneur. His background inclues extensive knowledge of marketing, web design, brand consulting, motivational speaking, video production, photography, photo retouching, graphic design, and fashion design. When working, all of his skills come together in order to push brands to the next level. His charismatic demeanor, schooling, and ability get people thinking past their usual limits makes Dre a specially sought after personality and valuable asset to various companies.


Standing 6'2" tall, he is able to effortlessly make an impression in any scene. Dre is also a sharp dresser and is highly tuned into the fashion scene. He is able to pull off everything from 50s fashion to urban fashion, and everything in between. Despite his slim stature, Dre also enjoys going to the gym and going for 2 mile runs several days a week. His highly energetic demeanor combined with his confidence is why he's people often ask if he is a YouTube personality.



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